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From its inception in 1921 , cheap gucci outlet Gucci has been taking the aristocratic line, style luxury and slightly tough masculinity. 1947 Gucci bamboo handle bamboo bag come out, then , with the initials of the founder of the classic double- G logo, lined with red and green ribbons canvas bag and related leather products have gradually come out , gucci outlet Gucci and LV tied the most common counterfeit goods in the world. cheap gucci outlet online Moccasin title ring with horse shoes , designed for the Grace Kelly Flower Scarf, repeatedly received, wearing Gucci has represented a symbol of social status and .

Gucci was not the fast-growing business from smooth sailing into the seventy years later, cheap gucci outlet store struggling to cope with the problem of counterfeit plus interest within the family struggle to make the whole enterprise into the morass of hardship . In 1993, the third generation successor Maurizio Gucci sold until the former president Domenico De Sole welcomed Tom Ford as the design director began to change . gucci outlet store Tom Ford said: " Talking about the history of Gucci , must not skip the movie stars and celebrities not to mention, but I wanted to create this history of the ninety 's version ." 1995 Tom Ford selection of popular supermodel to minimalism but very sultry image of the stage to show his design for the Gucci fashion sexy autumn series . gucci outlet online store The show was an unqualified success in the global buying frenzy triggered Gucci , Ford completely changed the past gorgeous Gucci style , into the sexy gene , let Gucci almost become today's sexiest brand.

GUCCI has been to produce high-end luxury products famous . Whether it is shoes, bags or clothing , are " a symbol of status and wealth," Brand become rich consumer darling of high society . cheap gucci handbags From the late 1940s to the 1960s , GUCCI trotted out of the bag with bamboo handle , insert the metal loop of soft shoes , printed scarves and a series of classic design , the unique design of its products and fine materials, become a symbol of elegance and luxury , to Sofia - Roland and Duchess of Windsor praised by celebrities such as ladies .

In 1919, the Italian Gucci Gucci Europe lived in London and Paris , monasteries , cheap gucci belt he dressed fashion tastes of local people are beginning to have experience. After the return to Florence in 1921 , he opened a specialized high-end luggage accessories and equestrian supplies store , sell from the best local craftsmen produced fine leather goods, and in the above marked Gucci (GUCCI) logo. Only a few years time , cheap belt outlet the store has attracted a number of domestic and international background of the customer. This huge success , prompting the European Gucci Gucci in 1938 in Rome, opened the first store .

After World War II , due to the lack of raw materials, Gucci in 1947, cheap gucci outlet designed to replace bamboo handle leather bag , this design is still a classic . By the 1950s , from the horse 's girth being red, green and red Gucci stripe pattern used for decorative accessories , became another sign of the brand design .

In 1953, Gucci 's brand reputation has been rising. This year, Gucci Gucci died in Europe , and the company 's New York branch also opened the same year , it marked the Gucci began to attack the global market . gucci outlet 1960s, with Gucci in London , Paris and Palm Beach, Florida branch was established , the representative of the Italian fashion and taste the world's leading brand in the market foothold. By the late 1960s , "GG" officially became the Gucci brand identity.[…]

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